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At Saxilby Physiotherapy we offer a comprehensive variety of therapies. Your treatment plan will be an individual tailored amalgamation of different therapies that we offer, based on the findings from your initial assessment. Each Session is only £42, Speak to us today to book your sessions today.

Myofascial/Soft Tissue Release

These are a series of techniques aimed at releasing areas of tension in the fascia, which are the connective tissues that run between the muscles, skin and internal organs. Myofascial and soft tissue release techniques are quite gentle, slow moving and potentially quite relaxing treatments which can help correct long-term areas of tension and adverse joint posture, reducing the risk of re-occurrence of persistent injuries or pains.


Exercise is an essential part of the treatment programme, correcting stiffness or weakness that causes mechanical and functional issues which are significant contributors to pain. You will receive a tailor-made programme of exercises specifically designed to work on your areas of stiffness, weakness or posture problems. Once the exercises have been fully demonstrated, we will check to make sure you can manage them and that they are being performed correctly. You will be given guidance on the number of repetitions and the frequency of which they should be done.


This involves the application of electrical energy in different forms to aid pain relief and to promote tissue healing. We specifically use ultrasound which generates a high frequency sound wave applied via a treatment head covered in gel which can aid tissue healing. Several TENS machines are also used for patients’ home use, these are small portable machines which can provide pain relief during the day, allowing you to carry on with normal activities.

Joint Mobilisation

This is the use of specific manual techniques to apply pressure to the joints of the limbs or the spine to help reduce stiffness and pain and ultimately improve function. Some techniques are applied with the patient lying still while other techniques are moved in a particular direction whilst the mobilisation is being applied.

Kinesio Taping

This is the brightly coloured taping often seen on professional sports people and athletes. It has multiple uses including helping reduce and clear inflammation and bruising, reducing tension in over active muscles, activating weak muscles and changing the mechanics within dysfunctional joints. It is designed to stay on the skin for several days to assist in rehabilitation between treatment sessions.


Soft tissue massage can be used to ease muscle spasm and improve circulation. It can involve general work on a large area or concentrated work on a specific problem site such as scar tissue. The main benefits are to ease tension and reduce pain, therefore improving range of motion and allowing the other physiotherapy techniques or exercises to be performed more easily.


Some conditions may require the use of a brace or splint. Either can be used for occasional use such as sports or everyday use. Many problems require the use of an insole to correct foot posture or to offload certain areas of the foot. In such cases, we will measure you for the appropriate brace or insole. However, if anything custom made is required, we will refer you onto a specialist in that field.

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