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"Second time I have had to use Jenny in the last four years. Both times she has managed to sort me out. I would recommend her to anyone. Great to have such a good local physiotherapist"

Mrs J.

"I have problems with my mobility due to osteoporosis. I feel that without the expert help of Jenny I would be wheelchair bound by now. I owe her a great deal"

Mrs S.

"Jenny was a great help to me before my diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. I was in a great deal of pain and had barely any use in my hands. Initially she kindly treated me at home until I felt well enough to go to her clinic, she is an excellent physiotherapist"

Mrs G.

"Thank you for helping me. What a difference physio has made for me. Would recommend you to anyone with stiff joints."

From the nimble Mrs L

"Jenny is amazing and dedicated. I can't recommend her enough!"

Mrs. U

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